What are the Assessments?
Battle Tap Assessments are a growing set of standardized as well as customized questionnaires. The completed Assessments are evaluated using specialized templates in order to determine the susceptibility of the user for one or multiple disorders or issues.

The purpose of Assessments is to help the user to screen his or her potential areas of improvement as well as monitor the progress over time.

Assessments can give valuable guidelines for the creation of focused Tapping Projects as well as following up the overall progress.


In BattleTap we call one completed questionnaire an "Assessment Session" and a consecutive series of Assessment Sessions as an “Assessment Thread”.


In order to begin a new assessment, select "New Assessment" from Tapping Center main or sub menu and click the "Begin" button to start a new Assessment Session. If it's the first time you take this Assessment, a new Assessment Thread will be created automatically.


The Assessment Form consists of one or more pages:

Answer all the question best you can. You can move between the pages with the "next: and "Previous" buttons. On the last page the "Submit" button will complete and save your Assessment Session and go to the "My Assessments page.


In the “My Assessments” page you find a list of your Assessment Threads ordered so that the most recently attended is at the top. Using the Details and Graph buttons, you can expand each Assessment Thread to display the Assessment Session details or the Session Progress as a graph.

DEFINITIONS FOR COLUMNS (from left to right):
Details button displays/hides details of the assessment sessions for the selected assessment.
Graph button displays/shows the progress between the assessment sessions in a graph.
Title Assessment Title shows the brief description of the assessment.
Code Assessment code (for reference).
From Date of the first assessment session for this assessment.
To Date of the last assessment session for this assessment.
ct Total number of assessment sessions performed for this assessment thread.
NEW button will begin a new session for this assessment.r this assessment.

  Details Button (example)

Button shows/hides all session details for the selected assessment:

  Graph Button (example)

Button shows/hides a graphic expression of your progress for each assessment: